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The King of the Forest

Strong and Kind, Like the Forest

“When there’s no one else to console a Finn, the forest will do it,” says an old Finnish proverb. Forests are the Finns’ most priced national possession, whether we look at history or the nation’s financial or spiritual backbone.

The King of the Forest (Metsän kuningas) is worthy of its name. Part of its flavor comes from bilberry, which is one of the primary sources of nutrition for the king of our forests, the brown bear. This bilberry-and-raspberry wine is best paired with game meat, for example, moose or deer.

The King of the Forest is a delightful gathering of two forest berries. While the bilberry brings a smoothness to the taste, the raspberry echoes strength. The outcome is akin to the forest itself: strong yet kind. In wine terms, the flavor can be described as rich and semi-sweet.

Similarly to bilberries, wild raspberries grow naturally in forests, but people have since produced new breeds that are more suitable for farming. Like all of our berries, the bilberries and raspberries in the King of the Forest wine are sourced by our partners whom we know very well.

Our bilberries grow in the wild and have been picked by hand. The raspberries are grown at an affiliate’s farm. We use cultivated raspberries because of their superior taste and availability in comparison to wild raspberries.

We ensure that all of our berries are healthy and clean by purchasing whole berries. We use the berries in their entirety when making must for our artisan wines.

Did you know that the King of the Forest was right alongside Teiskon Sunshine as our first wine products?

The King of the Forest

A semi-sweet bilberry-and-raspberry wine that is an excellent companion to game meat and other grilled meats.

The Forests, Raspberry, and Bilberry

After the ice age ended, the inhabitation of Finland was based on forests and their offerings. In Finland’s pre-Christian era, the forests were ruled by Tapio, known as the God of Forests, the Keeper, and the King. Tapio’s woodland kingdom was called Tapiola.

Even in the 1950s, 80% of Finland’s exports consisted of forest-based products. Now, the importance of forestry is growing once again, thanks to various bio products.Despite Finland’s urbanization, a large portion of Finns – children and adults alike – play, exercise, and go camping in forests. In late summer and early autumn, many Finns head to the woods to pick berries and mushrooms.

Wild raspberries tend to grow in low-vegetation areas, such as openings caused by tree cutting, and alongside forest trenches. Raspberry is a favorite among Finnish children, especially in juice or jam form. The versatile berry is also used to make vinegar and syrup, and it’s often found in sweets and cosmetics. Its leaves are used to make tea and in salads.

Finland has adopted a rare concept of “Everyman’s Rights.” This means that all people can pick nature’s offerings, such as berries and mushrooms, without the landowner’s permission, and there is no charge, as long as you treat the wilderness with respect and do not disturb anyone or anyone’s home. These rights are applicable to foreign visitors as well.
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