Teiskon Wine Bilberry

Teiskon Bilberry

The Bear Knows Best

If Finland’s national animal could choose a favorite berry, it would undoubtedly be the bilberry. Bears build up their fat reserves by eating up to 20 kilos (44 lbs) of bilberries each day before laying down to hibernate for six months in the winter. Similarly, it takes six months to make Teiskon Bilberry dessert wine.

Teiskon Bilberry (Mustikka) is characterized by the inviting, velvety smooth taste of Finnish nature.
This bilberry wine is a full-bodied but only slightly sweet aperitif. The wild-growing bilberries used to make this wine are picked by hand from Finland’s pristine forests.

From a winemaker’s perspective, bilberry is the most challenging berry out of all the berries we use. It takes special skill and accuracy even to get the fermentation under way. Bilberry wine takes a long time to mature because flavors transfer slowly from the delicious, yet delicate-tasting, berries. It also takes a hefty batch of bilberries to get a perfect outcome.

We get our bilberries from pickers whom we know well to ensure that we get top-quality berries. Whole bilberries are used with their skin to make must for fermentation so that the true taste and color of the berries can be experienced in the wine.

Teiskon Viini’s three generations of experience and constant flavor testing have made us experts in making the best fruit wines. Teiskon Bilberry carries the finest nuances of the refreshing bilberry taste. The same nuances make bilberry the king of the forest’s first choice.

Teiskon Bilberry

Best enjoyed with blue cheese or chocolate cake, or the Finnish way – as an after-sauna refreshment on the porch.


Bilberry is Finland’s unofficial national berry and a healthy superfood whose reputation has reached far past the berry’s forest home. Over four million kilos of bilberries are exported from Finland to other countries each year.

11 % vol.
0,5 l

""This and chocolate cake - perfect combination "